We are a Company operating since 2011 in the energy & environmental industries; formerly focusing in the provision of specialized equipment & materials for hydrocarbon spill containment, with special emphasis in the petroleum sector.

As part of our commitment with the development of the country, in 2012 we launched a strong process for widening our entrepreneurial vision; therefore beginning a new phase in our operations & services, by offering maritime oil spill response maneuvers, including services in water bodies such as rivers and lagoons. In this way, we confirm our purpose which consists in offering the highest quality & excellence standards for the satisfaction of our customers; thus reinforcing the actions to prevent environmental damage and to preserve ecological balance as well as human health & safety



To prevent and control offshore and onshore pollution events involving hydrocarbons & hazardous substances, with an efficient and effective intervention. Besides providing strategic leadership when managing environmental crises.

For us, our most important associates are our users and collaborators; they inspire our permanent efforts to continue our services improvement and enrichment.


To become the national leader Company in the discipline of pollutant substances spills prevention & control, complementing our intervention with consulting on Lawful Regulations. Exceeding the expectations of our clients, partners, shareholders, government entities and communities in the design and implementation of integral and sustainable solutions conceived based upon each client´s needs, thus meeting our essential objective: protection & preservation of natural resources.


At MARTERRA we guarantee reliability, respect, integrity and ethics in all services, agreements and contracts.

We are committed to reinvest in the communities where she operates, thus fulfilling his commitment with society; helping in the solution of the environmental management issues that could arise, and providing initiatives that are focused in the improvement of the quality of life at those same communities.

We will provide quick, reliable, objective, specialized and effective assistance; invariably performing with creativity and innovation as appropriate for an organization with high quality standards, this shall be the feature that defines and distinguish our Company. Therefore we should enter strategic alliances with national & international organizations, in order to provide effective and efficient responses in the areas of our operations.